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On Tuesday, I wrote a post about an Typo Pop, an awesome online business that I discovered in the lead up to Christmas. SportyDad and I are very much fans of pop culture – he loves his music and I love movies, TV and books (particularly all things Harry Potter!). I really loved the notion of being able to purchase a cool design and use it to create something awesome (and doesn’t cost a bomb!)

Today I am teaming up with the lovely Michelle from Typo Pop to giveaway one of their funky posters.

To win a Typo Pop poster of your choice, follow these three simple steps below:

1. Like Typo Pop on Facebook

2. Like MumWifeTeacherNerd on Facebook

3. Click on the image below to fill out a very simple entry form

                            …and then…

If you want a bonus entry, share the link to the competition on your Facebook page!


Entries will be open from 6am Friday 8th Feb 2013 until 10pm Friday 15th Feb 2013, so like, like, like and share, share, share!

In the meantime, check out the fantastic posters at Typo Pop!

Which one do you want to win??????

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**This is not a sponsored post, it is simply a bit cross promotion between and small blog and a small business.**


Teacher – But Miss when am I ever going to need to know this???

It doesn’t seem to matter what you are trying to teach – some kid in a smart arse tone will always ask:

When am I ever going to actually use this?

I rang Officeworks today, here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi I was wondering how long it takes and how much it costs to get a photo canvas printed?
OW girl: About 2-3 days. What size were you after?
Me: 30cm x 30cm
OW girl: Centimetres? Oh! Um our canvases don’t come in centimetres, they only come in inches.
Me: SIGH 12×12 inches then

It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t know that 12inches was 30cm that bothered me. It was the fact she didn’t seem to know that they measured the same thing.

This, kids, is why you need to listen in Maths!


***Stay tuned tomorrow to find out why I am getting a photo canvas printed***

20130124-102940.jpgimage source

A revival

Over the past few days people have been asking me what happened to my blog. In short – life happened! But some of the more major things that have been taking up my time include (but are not limited to)
-Toilet training the Cheeky Boy (an ongoing venture)
-Smiley Girl’s Baptism

There have also been some smaller, less important though distracting and time consuming things such as Pinterest and Homeland.

I was quite touched that people asked about my AWOL blog and it was the kick up the butt I needed to revive it.

Over the Christmas/New Year break I’m going to try and get a few posts up and get it moving again – so watch this space!


Mum/Teacher – What’s your (Gangnam) style?

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I’ll let you know about them over the next few posts. But for today I’ll fill you in about my night out.

Tonight I went to the Yr12 formal, even though I am on Mat Leave this group of students were my first year 7s and it was a milestone. It was also my first baby free outing (apart from short trips to the shops) and while a few drinks would have been nice, Smiley Girl is not very smiley when it comes to the bottle so it was limited to a single glass of wine.

Anyway, back to the formal. I was quite surprised by the style of the students. There were only two dresses that I would describe as shockers, although I dare say some will regret their choice of dress later. Most of the boys scrubbed up well, but there were a few who still looked like they’d just come in from a game of footy on the oval. On the whole they looked pretty smart.

One moment made me laugh was the dance floor packing out with 17/18 year olds when the (average) DJ played Gangnam Style. I remember this happening at my Year 12 formal, but I can’t remember what song it was. At the Yr10 formal it was Jack..jack…jackie – everytime I hear that song I feel like I’m still 15.

I wonder if these students will remember this night when they hear Gangnam Style?

What about your formal, what was the song that got everyone on the dance floor? How was your formal style? Do you cringe at the photos?


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Nerd/Teacher – Astronomy Picture of the Day

A website that I really enjoy visiting when I am randomly browsing the web is “Astronomy Picture of the Day“.

It is quite a spectacular collections of images taken by astronomers and their equipment worldwide. Each picture has an explanation of what is shown in the picture and some of the science behind it.

I often use these images as a teaching point or a bit of an intro or lesson starter when teaching Space topics in both Physics and Junior Science. It is a great way to capture students attention and imagination.

Here’s today’s picture and the explanation below (from APOD)


The Hubble Extreme Deep Field

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (UCSC), R. Bouwens (Leiden Obs.), and the XDF Team

Explanation: What did the first galaxies look like? To help answer this question, the Hubble Space Telescope has just finished taking the eXtreme Deep Field (XDF), the deepest image of the universe ever taken in visible light. Pictured above, the XDF shows a sampling of some of the oldest galaxies ever seen, galaxies that formed just after the dark ages, 13 billion years ago, when the universe was only a few percent of its present age. The Hubble Space Telescope’s ACS camera and the infrared channel of the WFPC3 camera took the image. Combining efforts spread over 10 years, the XDF is more sensitive, in some colors, than the original Hubble Deep Field (HDF), the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) completed in 2004, and the HUDF Infrared completed in 2009. Astronomers the world over will likely study the XDF for years to come to better understand how stars and galaxies formed in the early universe.


Teacher – Maintaining my accreditation

**If this post had a theme song it would be to the tune of REM’s Losing My Religion. It keeps popping into my head as I write the title, random I know, I think the mere thought of the Institute if Teachers makes me a little crazy**

I like to rant about the Institute, I do it often. This is not one of my rants (though it does contain a recap if past rants).

For any non teachers who are still reading, the institute is a government body responsible for overseeing the accreditation of teachers in NSW. You have 3 years after graduating to become accredited (by compiling “evidence”) and after that you must maintain your accreditation every 5 years by completing 100hours of professional development (half in registered courses and half that you do yourself, attending meeting, unregistered courses, reading etc)

My main gripe with the institute is that they haven’t extended my 5year accreditation due to my 2 lots of maternity leave and 18months of working part time. I should have an extension of 3yrs and 1 term. So despite several phone calls, emails and a letter signed by my principal, the institute still say my accreditation period ends in April 2013.

The problem is I am short 40.5 hours of teacher identified PD. Given I am returning to work in Feb 2013, this is going to be very tricky.

I have a plan- firstly pull out my old teachers diaries and log the meetings I went to that covered things like ICT, ESL, G&T etc. I can probably get 15-20hrs there.
The idea for the second part of my plan came from a friend. During my last Facebook rant about the IofT she asked “do you do any professional reading eg blogs, RSS feeds, twitter, journals etc?”. While the answer should have been yes, it’s was not. BUT I’M STARTING NOW!

So I’m going to start doing some professional reading and post my reflections here on my blog.
Now because many of us are stuck in this awesome system – I’m going to help you maintain your accreditation as well. I’ll link the reading and also include the standards that it addresses, so if you read it too, you are also maintaining your accreditation. Teacher collaboration!

Help me out, if you follow a good blog, follow someone insightful twitter or read an interesting article – send it my way!

Stay tuned the first one is going to be about the National Curriculum.