About my blog

Ok, so as the title says I am E) all of the above

I am a Physics graduate who teaches Physics, Science and Maths in a Catholic high school in south west Sydney. While teaching is a full-on job most days, I find it incredibly rewarding and wouldn’t give it up (I wouldn’t mind not having to do the planning, marking and reporting though). I also love Science and quirky, nerdy humour and pop culture. I picked the colour scheme for my blog purely because it was called Sunspot.

More than all that, I love my family. I have a husband and two kids. For their privacy they will be known as Sporty Dad, Cheeky Boy (nearly 3) and Smiley Girl (3 and 1/2 months).

I’m currently on maternity leave after having Smiley Girl, I don’t identify as being a “stay at home mum” because I know my stay at home time is limited and will be returning to work part-time in the new school year. I am happy with that.

 So why this blog?

I have been following a few different blogs recently (mostly mums) and last week while whinging about a leaky drink bottle, Sporty Dad suggested I write a blog about it. At the time I thought the idea was ridiculous, I need another way to waste my time like a hole in the head. But recently I have found myself censoring my FB statuses, not for swearing (because I do like to swear) but because my colleagues would think I had become a boring mum or my friends would think I was too nerdy or nobody would give a crap about my education rants. But it’s who I am – so I will post about it.

For your benefit each post will tell you which hat I was wearing when I wrote it (eg. Mum – Quest for a drink bottle that doesn’t leak, Wife – Grand Final weekend, Nerd – The multipurpose cleaner) or a combination (eg Mum/Teacher – Return to work). Feel free to ignore the posts that don’t interest you. BTW All those posts to come.

I have no idea how this will go, I may give up in a weeks time. I’ll just see “where the spirit take me” – to quote a fellow teacher (also a mum)



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