Wife/Mum – FAIL Online Christmas Shopping

With two kids now in tow, Christmas shopping was something I was dreading. Crowded shops, my over sized pram and cranky people. Thankfully Sporty Dad took care of all the kids shopping (including the extended family and friends), so I really didn’t have much left after that – just parents, grandmother and Sporty Dad himself and I did most of it online.

Months before Christmas I saw some cheap vouchers on OurDeal for photo canvases, I had bought canvases through OurDeal before and they were great, so I got three. One for SportyDad, one for my grandmother and one for the in-laws.

With two and a half weeks before Christmas, I placed my order with MyPhotoBox. I knew I was cutting it fine with a quoted 3 week delivery and so I paid extra for express post ($20 per canvas!)

Five days before Christmas I went to their website and it said something about hanging business name to SnappySumo and it simply quoted my order as being processed. SportyDad got other presents for his parents, I got something else for SportyDad and lived in hope that my Grandmothers canvas would show up. It didn’t.

Christmas came and went,
New Years came and went,
Another week came and went,
And then another.
…Still no canvases.

I sent them an email and waited a few days, no reply. I sent them a help request via their online support chat and my chat session was terminated. I went on Facebook to write on their wall and a FB search turns up 3 other pages of groups of people who also haven’t received their products….

20130126-102433.jpgimage source

SHIT I have been ripped off!

Thankfully from there it was easy. OurDeal refunded my money from the vouchers on the spot and I had my money back within an hour. I then lodged a dispute with the bank for the money from the postage and I had my money back in 3 working days.

So now I am getting my canvas printed at a more reputable place (Remember my call to Officeworks)

Oh well, some lessons have been learned:
1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (actually Mum taught me this one and throughout this whole saga I could hear her in my head telling me!)
2. Research suppliers before buying off third party group buying sites.
3. Pay unknown companies wit Paypal so I am not supplying CC details (kicking myself about this one too – I knew this too)

My adventures in online Christmas shopping weren’t all failures. Stay tuned next week, I’ll tell you about a really funky little online business I discovered.



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