Mum/Nerd – Baby Shower Games

I went to a good friends baby shower yesterday and in true form I won the lolly guessing competition.
I have never NOT won a baby shower lolly guessing competition. I am now 4 from 4.

It is simple mathematics. Here’s how you do it!
Number of lollies on the bottom multiplied by the number of lollies up the side. If there are lots of gaps then subtract 5-10%. If lollies are tightly packed then add 5-10%.

Things that complicate matters.
-A variety of different size/shape lollies.
-Irregular shaped jars.
-Tricky people who cover the base.



There is now less than the 74 jelly babies that were in the jar.

My team also took out the nursery rhyme games (Maybe I get a little too competitive at baby showers!)

Have a great weekend

-Mrs M


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