Teacher – Grammar Allergy

This comic goes out to all my colleagues writing their end of year reports and, in particular, to all those who have to edit them before publication.




Mum/Teacher – What’s your (Gangnam) style?

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I’ll let you know about them over the next few posts. But for today I’ll fill you in about my night out.

Tonight I went to the Yr12 formal, even though I am on Mat Leave this group of students were my first year 7s and it was a milestone. It was also my first baby free outing (apart from short trips to the shops) and while a few drinks would have been nice, Smiley Girl is not very smiley when it comes to the bottle so it was limited to a single glass of wine.

Anyway, back to the formal. I was quite surprised by the style of the students. There were only two dresses that I would describe as shockers, although I dare say some will regret their choice of dress later. Most of the boys scrubbed up well, but there were a few who still looked like they’d just come in from a game of footy on the oval. On the whole they looked pretty smart.

One moment made me laugh was the dance floor packing out with 17/18 year olds when the (average) DJ played Gangnam Style. I remember this happening at my Year 12 formal, but I can’t remember what song it was. At the Yr10 formal it was Jack..jack…jackie – everytime I hear that song I feel like I’m still 15.

I wonder if these students will remember this night when they hear Gangnam Style?

What about your formal, what was the song that got everyone on the dance floor? How was your formal style? Do you cringe at the photos?


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