Mum – When its hard to find new friends, find some old ones!

One of the biggest difficulties Stay At Home Parents face is the lack of adult interaction, it may seem trivial but at times it can feel quite isolating and lonely, particularly if many of your friends don’t have kids.

I really didn’t have this issue when Cheeky Boy was a baby. We’d have lunches and coffees and mums and bubs movies and spend time at the shops. These are all things that are fine with a baby but quite difficult with a nearly 3 year old. So apart from mundane trips to Woolworths and doctors- we don’t get out much. Most of my friends are working, there’s no mothers group this time around, a lot of my friends from my antenatal classes are working. I don’t even want to attempt interrupting a playgroup dynamic with my boisterous toddler. I think it’s partly why I started blogging. It’s less crazy than talking to yourself.

About 6 weeks ago I was Facebooking during nap time and statuses about birthdays and cute photos kept popping up from the girls I went to school with, many of whom contact is limited to just the occasional like or comment, if that.

I took the plunge and put the call out – who was up for a play and chat??? I got a really positive response. It was great catching up with people that I hadn’t seen for ages – some since the Yr12 formal.

Thanks to all the old friends who came today! I had a great time. It has been an awesome start to the week! Hopefully see you all soon!



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