Mum/wife – Where the F— is the remote?!?!?!???

It’s Friday afternoon, as my colleagues know, I get a bit loose with the swearing on Friday afternoon (more so than normal). However with a toddler this needs to be my inner voice.

It’s 4pm Friday, raining, we have been to a million appointments today (not really – 2 per child, but halfway across Sydney) and I’m shattered. Smiley Girl is asleep and Cheeky Boy wants to watch a DVD – awesome! A bit of time just to sit and chill!

One problem – cant find the DVD remote! Our TV/DVD/Foxtel is controlled by 3 remotes and 95% of the time one is not in the obvious place.

So Cheeky Boy and I start looking for the remote and as he is say “Where is the wemote? where? I can’t see him! Weeemote – where are you?” I am thinking “F—, I just want to f—ing sit down, where the f— is the f—ing remote”

Can anyone relate?

***The remote was found – otherwise I would never have written this post


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