Mum – Baby fingernails suck

I hate baby fingernails!!!!

Those teeny tiny nails are so hard to cut and little hands don’t stay still ever! There is constant fear that you will slip and miss and clip a teeny tiny finger. This results in bleeding and baby screaming. This happened to Cheeky Boy about two and a half years ago.

If you procrastinate cutting baby nails it inevitably ends with baby scratching gouging their face. This results in bleeding and baby screaming. This happened to Smiley Girl yesterday.

You can’t freaking win! Baby fingernails suck.




7 thoughts on “Mum – Baby fingernails suck

  1. Baby toenails suck too. Especially in winter where you can’t do it while they’re sleeping as they are all rugged up. Completely understand where you are coming from on this one.

  2. We’re lucky, our son has always been easy to do the fingernail thing with… well apart from one horror story that involved snipping a tiny baby finger, a lot of blood and a whole lot of crying from all three of us.

  3. I never cut Mia’s fingernails when she is awake, I’ve always waited till she was soundly asleep coz she has always been such a wriggler! My MIL made the mistake of trying to cut them when she was awake the other day and ended up snipping the top of Mia’s finger off. Little trooper didn’t even flinch though and took great pride in showing me her band-aid when I got home from work.

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