Nerd – The mystery of the MPC

Recently I started buying my cleaning products at Aldi, they are cheaper and, in my opinion, soap is soap and detergent is detergent, regardless of brand.

So I bought a bottle of lavender scented Multipurpose Cleaner (essentially Spray & Wipe), took it home and cleaned my kitchen. When I was done I put it on the window sill above the kitchen sink.

A few days later I went to use the MPC (multipurpose cleaner) so I got it from the window sill.


The first thought that runs through my head is: “I must still have some serious baby brain because I could have sworn that was purple”

It was


I picked it up and realised the bottle had expanded. This is when the science teacher in me kicked in.
Colour change + gas produced indicates a chemical reaction!
Cool! Will have to remember to demo this one next time I teach year 8 chemical vs physical change.

So after marveling at how cool it was that sunlight had caused a chemical reaction in my MPC (yes…nerd), it occurred to me that I have no idea what chemicals are in this product and this what chemicals might have been formed in my little kitchen chemistry. I’m not really sure if this is even safe to use anymore.

Opinions please:
What do with the MPC?
1. Keep it – it’ll be fine.
2. Chuck it – buy another one and this time store out of direct sunlight.


***this may explain why I get very little housework done, too easily distracted by trivial things


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