Wife – Grand Final Weekend (Festival of the Boot – Part 1)

It’s Grand Final weekend. Up until 10 years ago I couldn’t care less. All I recall of footy grand finals is Roy&HG hosting Festival of the Boot Part 1 (afl grand final) and Part 2 (RL grand final) on Triple J. Occasionally I went to a grand final BBQ but I never paid any attention to the game.

And then I met Sporty Dad.

As you may have guessed from his nickname Sporty Dad loves his sports. He supports (at least) 8 different teams in a variety of sports and has about a dozen other individual athletes that he follows.

Sadly his teams often don’t love him back. At times, it can be a while between wins and even longer between premierships, championships, cups, bowls and medals.

Sporty Dad gets very quiet and cranky when his teams don’t win. BUT a big win (ie a grand final) can offset other teams losing for up to six months.

So for our sanity…please SWANNIES give Sporty Dad a win!




***PS – this post really had nothing to do with AFL because I know SFA about the game apart from the fact there are 4 goal posts and you still get a point if you only miss by a little bit.


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