Teacher/Nerd – Students NEVER do this

I saw this on Facebook the other day and had a bit of laugh.
Lame Science joke I know, but I will definitely repeat it next time I teach the rock cycle to Yr8

But don’t be fooled by this little joke and these classic Maths gems


Students NEVER do this. Marking is not an entertaining exercise (important yes, but rarely a feel good experience)

Half the students who don’t know the answer leave it blank, the other half make you question your ability to teach.

About 1 in 100 unintentionally write something that makes you laugh, like mixing up the parts of the male and female reproductive system.

It’s probably only 1 in 1000 that write something intentionally funny and witty. I haven’t taught 1000 students yet.

The funniest thing I have seen is a student misspell my name so badly that when said out loud it sounded like a cat being strangled.

What is funniest thing you have seen while marking?

– Mrs M


2 thoughts on “Teacher/Nerd – Students NEVER do this

  1. LOL. Were you in Miss Hatezic’s Music class with me? Yr 7 or 8. She gave the class feedback from a test one day. Apparently in answer to the question “Name 3 types of guitar”, one of our peers had written “Air guitar”. Half mark…?

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