Wife – Festival of the Boot (part 2)

Firstly – thanks Swannies for yesterday.

Today is Part Two of Festival of the Boot. The NRL Grand Final.


I don’t particularly care about the outcome today, I wouldn’t mind if neither team won. Melbourne are cheats and still have heaps of players they would never have got or kept if they hadn’t breached the salary cap. I don’t mind if the Bulldogs team win but I don’t want to suffer the fans – the idiots on the road tonight and two guys at work who will remind us of a Doggies GF win at every opportunity for the next 12mths. I don’t think much of Des either.

So today I am going to a GF BBQ and will probably pay little attention to the game. Most likely I’ll be stopping Cheeky Boy from trashing our friends apartment or feeding the Smiley Girl.

I don’t hate the NRL, I don’t love it either. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1=hate and 10= love) I am probably a 6.5. I participate in the work tipping comp, go to the occasional Sharks game with Sporty Dad and the kids and will engage in rugby league banter.

BUT by the end July I’m over it. The season is just a bit too long for my liking. This usually coincides with a busy month in our social calendar and it gets tricky to juggle Sharks games and other commitments. Also, if they haven’t been stumbling all season, Sporty Dad’s beloved Sharks start to break his heart in July. July is also the time I start forgetting to put my tips in.

So today I celebrate the end of Rugby League and look forward to a summer where we can all live in a blissful dream that Cronulla will be 2013 Premiers.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love Rugby League?


Wife – Grand Final Weekend (Festival of the Boot – Part 1)

It’s Grand Final weekend. Up until 10 years ago I couldn’t care less. All I recall of footy grand finals is Roy&HG hosting Festival of the Boot Part 1 (afl grand final) and Part 2 (RL grand final) on Triple J. Occasionally I went to a grand final BBQ but I never paid any attention to the game.

And then I met Sporty Dad.

As you may have guessed from his nickname Sporty Dad loves his sports. He supports (at least) 8 different teams in a variety of sports and has about a dozen other individual athletes that he follows.

Sadly his teams often don’t love him back. At times, it can be a while between wins and even longer between premierships, championships, cups, bowls and medals.

Sporty Dad gets very quiet and cranky when his teams don’t win. BUT a big win (ie a grand final) can offset other teams losing for up to six months.

So for our sanity…please SWANNIES give Sporty Dad a win!




***PS – this post really had nothing to do with AFL because I know SFA about the game apart from the fact there are 4 goal posts and you still get a point if you only miss by a little bit.

Teacher/Nerd – Students NEVER do this

I saw this on Facebook the other day and had a bit of laugh.
Lame Science joke I know, but I will definitely repeat it next time I teach the rock cycle to Yr8

But don’t be fooled by this little joke and these classic Maths gems


Students NEVER do this. Marking is not an entertaining exercise (important yes, but rarely a feel good experience)

Half the students who don’t know the answer leave it blank, the other half make you question your ability to teach.

About 1 in 100 unintentionally write something that makes you laugh, like mixing up the parts of the male and female reproductive system.

It’s probably only 1 in 1000 that write something intentionally funny and witty. I haven’t taught 1000 students yet.

The funniest thing I have seen is a student misspell my name so badly that when said out loud it sounded like a cat being strangled.

What is funniest thing you have seen while marking?

– Mrs M

Mum, wife, teacher…and a bit of a nerd (not necessarily in that order) – The Beginning




This is my first post and it is a bit of a cheat – I have just copied and pasted the About My Blog page (not plagiarism!)

I have done this for two reasons: a) So people can comment on it and b) Because some of the information in the About page is likely to change over time and I thought it would be good to have a record of what this was all about when it started.


“Ok, so as the title says I am E) all of the above

I am a Physics graduate who teaches Physics, Science and Maths in a Catholic high school in south west Sydney. While teaching is a full-on job most days, I find it incredibly rewarding and wouldn’t give it up (I wouldn’t mind not having to do the planning, marking and reporting though). I also love Science and quirky, nerdy humour and pop culture. I picked the colour scheme for my blog purely because it was called Sunspot.

More than all that, I love my family. I have a husband and two kids. For their privacy they will be known as Sporty Dad, Cheeky Boy (nearly 3) and Smiley Girl (3 and 1/2 months).

I’m currently on maternity leave after having Smiley Girl, I don’t identify as being a “stay at home mum” because I know my stay at home time is limited and will be returning to work part-time in the new school year. I am happy with that.

 So why this blog?

I have been following a few different blogs recently (mostly mums) and last week while whinging about a leaky drink bottle, Sporty Dad suggested I write a blog about it. At the time I thought the idea was ridiculous, I need another way to waste my time like a hole in the head. But recently I have found myself censoring my FB statuses, not for swearing (because I do like to swear) but because my colleagues would think I had become a boring mum or my friends would think I was too nerdy or nobody would give a crap about my education rants. But it’s who I am – so I will post about it.

For your benefit each post will tell you which hat I was wearing when I wrote it (eg. Mum – Quest for a drink bottle that doesn’t leak, Wife – Grand Final weekend, Nerd – The multipurpose cleaner) or a combination (eg Mum/Teacher – Return to work). Feel free to ignore the posts that don’t interest you. BTW All those posts to come.

I have no idea how this will go, I may give up in a weeks time. I’ll just see “where the spirit take me” – to quote a fellow teacher (also a mum)”