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On Tuesday, I wrote a post about an Typo Pop, an awesome online business that I discovered in the lead up to Christmas. SportyDad and I are very much fans of pop culture – he loves his music and I love movies, TV and books (particularly all things Harry Potter!). I really loved the notion of being able to purchase a cool design and use it to create something awesome (and doesn’t cost a bomb!)

Today I am teaming up with the lovely Michelle from Typo Pop to giveaway one of their funky posters.

To win a Typo Pop poster of your choice, follow these three simple steps below:

1. Like Typo Pop on Facebook

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3. Click on the image below to fill out a very simple entry form

                            …and then…

If you want a bonus entry, share the link to the competition on your Facebook page!


Entries will be open from 6am Friday 8th Feb 2013 until 10pm Friday 15th Feb 2013, so like, like, like and share, share, share!

In the meantime, check out the fantastic posters at Typo Pop!

Which one do you want to win??????

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**This is not a sponsored post, it is simply a bit cross promotion between and small blog and a small business.**


Mum/Wife – Online Christmas Shopping Success

A few days ago I posted about how I got ripped off when doing my Christmas shopping online.

But my online Christmas shopping experience wasn’t all bad. I discovered a really cool little business that I bought quite a few things from.

A few weeks before Christmas I received this message from SportyDad


I love the office Kris Kringle but it can be tough to buy a present for a colleague, whom you often don’t know very well and usually have a very limited budget. Apparently SportyDad’s KK had gone to an office fancy dress as Dorothy.

I did some thinking and searching on Pinterest and started to wonder if anyone made any “Keep Calm” style stuff for Wizard of Oz. When I googled it – I found this website Typo Pop.
They sell wall art designs that you download yourself and print however you want. Their designs are dedicated to all things pop culture.

So for $5 I downloaded the “Keep Calm and Click Three Times” design and SportyDad bought a Photo Travel Mug from Officeworks and this is what we came up with:


I found some other cool designs on the Typo Pop site that I bought too. A couple of Harry Potter ones that I love. I think I’ll put them on my desk at work and made some cute gift tags using some freebie Christmas designs.

A few different designs popped up on their FB page, so I placed a request and got a couple of posters made for SportyDad (aka BonJovi fan). I had the requested designs in less than three days (and for bargain price of $5 each) Printed at Officeworks for $10 and in a $5.99 Ikea frame and I have an awesome personal present!

Not bad for a total of $41.98!

So my adventures of online shopping weren’t entirely ruined !

If you can’t already tell – I love these posters and I’ll be giving one away from Friday, so comeback and check it out! In the meantime – LIKE Typo Pop

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Wife/Mum – FAIL Online Christmas Shopping

With two kids now in tow, Christmas shopping was something I was dreading. Crowded shops, my over sized pram and cranky people. Thankfully Sporty Dad took care of all the kids shopping (including the extended family and friends), so I really didn’t have much left after that – just parents, grandmother and Sporty Dad himself and I did most of it online.

Months before Christmas I saw some cheap vouchers on OurDeal for photo canvases, I had bought canvases through OurDeal before and they were great, so I got three. One for SportyDad, one for my grandmother and one for the in-laws.

With two and a half weeks before Christmas, I placed my order with MyPhotoBox. I knew I was cutting it fine with a quoted 3 week delivery and so I paid extra for express post ($20 per canvas!)

Five days before Christmas I went to their website and it said something about hanging business name to SnappySumo and it simply quoted my order as being processed. SportyDad got other presents for his parents, I got something else for SportyDad and lived in hope that my Grandmothers canvas would show up. It didn’t.

Christmas came and went,
New Years came and went,
Another week came and went,
And then another.
…Still no canvases.

I sent them an email and waited a few days, no reply. I sent them a help request via their online support chat and my chat session was terminated. I went on Facebook to write on their wall and a FB search turns up 3 other pages of groups of people who also haven’t received their products….

20130126-102433.jpgimage source

SHIT I have been ripped off!

Thankfully from there it was easy. OurDeal refunded my money from the vouchers on the spot and I had my money back within an hour. I then lodged a dispute with the bank for the money from the postage and I had my money back in 3 working days.

So now I am getting my canvas printed at a more reputable place (Remember my call to Officeworks)

Oh well, some lessons have been learned:
1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (actually Mum taught me this one and throughout this whole saga I could hear her in my head telling me!)
2. Research suppliers before buying off third party group buying sites.
3. Pay unknown companies wit Paypal so I am not supplying CC details (kicking myself about this one too – I knew this too)

My adventures in online Christmas shopping weren’t all failures. Stay tuned next week, I’ll tell you about a really funky little online business I discovered.


Teacher – But Miss when am I ever going to need to know this???

It doesn’t seem to matter what you are trying to teach – some kid in a smart arse tone will always ask:

When am I ever going to actually use this?

I rang Officeworks today, here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi I was wondering how long it takes and how much it costs to get a photo canvas printed?
OW girl: About 2-3 days. What size were you after?
Me: 30cm x 30cm
OW girl: Centimetres? Oh! Um our canvases don’t come in centimetres, they only come in inches.
Me: SIGH 12×12 inches then

It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t know that 12inches was 30cm that bothered me. It was the fact she didn’t seem to know that they measured the same thing.

This, kids, is why you need to listen in Maths!


***Stay tuned tomorrow to find out why I am getting a photo canvas printed***

20130124-102940.jpgimage source

Mum – A new start

Several months ago, not long before I started my own blog, my bloggy guru, Jodi, wrote a post about her love/hate relationship with daycare. You can read it here:
Daycare…do you love it or hate it?
(Check out Jodi’s blog at Mummyhood101)

At the time I could have written that post word for word. Unfortunately over the following few months, there were more and more reasons I hated my daycare and very few reasons I loved it. I decided to bite the bullet and start the hunt for a new daycare.

Fortunately for us this coincided with a new preschool opening in our area, it is linked to our parish church and the primary school that we hope the kids will go to.

We went to an open day at the end of last year and were pretty impressed with what we saw and in 8 weeks from putting Cheeky Boy’s name on the waiting list we have had more communication than I had in 2 and a half years at our last centre.

Cheeky Boy started today and he was very excited. We drove past yesterday and he told me all the exciting things he was going to do.

Drop off this morning went pretty smoothly. He was a bit hesitant to hand his water bottle to a stranger and had a quiet wander for a few minutes to check the place out but as soon as he spotted the roller coaster he was sorted. Two rides on that and he was waving me out the door.

20130122-082549.jpgimage source

Fingers crossed for a great 2013 at preschool!

Have a great day

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Mum/Nerd – Baby Shower Games

I went to a good friends baby shower yesterday and in true form I won the lolly guessing competition.
I have never NOT won a baby shower lolly guessing competition. I am now 4 from 4.

It is simple mathematics. Here’s how you do it!
Number of lollies on the bottom multiplied by the number of lollies up the side. If there are lots of gaps then subtract 5-10%. If lollies are tightly packed then add 5-10%.

Things that complicate matters.
-A variety of different size/shape lollies.
-Irregular shaped jars.
-Tricky people who cover the base.



There is now less than the 74 jelly babies that were in the jar.

My team also took out the nursery rhyme games (Maybe I get a little too competitive at baby showers!)

Have a great weekend

-Mrs M

Teacher – We’ve figured out what makes a good teacher

If you clicked on my blog thinking I had the secret to making you Teacher of the Year 2013, SORRY! The heading of this post, much like the article below is misleading.

A friend posted a link to this article on Facebook this afternoon: Gates Foundation study: We’ve figured out what makes a good teacher

So even though the article actually tells nothing about *WHAT* makes a good teacher, it does outline an interesting approach as how to identify a good teacher. Certainly far better than the oversimplified approaches that the media reports *may* be introduced in Australia, namely, test results and something linked to Institute of Teachers classification.

The $45M study shows that you can effectively identify a good teacher in 3 ways:

1. Observation by Principals, Peers and Education experts – This seems reasonable that other educators can identify effective teaching, although it is quite open to bias and personal opinion.

2. Statistical analysis to determine the “value added” – This is better than a simple “x students got band 6s” or using a single set of results eg. NAPLAN to determine the teacher performance. It allows for the highly talented teachers of special needs students to still be identified as great teachers and perhaps those who maybe underperforming even though they teach the most talented students.

3. Survey the students – The article seemed to have a tone of surprise when indicating the fact that students are a pretty good judge of who is and isn’t a good teacher. Yes the kids are pretty perceptive little beings and as long as you put any personality clashes aside, the will very reliably tell you (and often willingly) who they think are and aren’t good teachers. They are the ones actually in the classroom everyday.

Like all good research it was then repeated to see if the results were reliable, that is the teachers were tested again the following year with a different group of students.

This is probably the best model of assessing teacher performance I have seen, and certainly the only one thorough enough to determine a person’s salary. It does have one major flaw it took 3 years and funding from the world’s 2nd richest man to determine the performance of 3000 teachers, thats $15000 per teacher. Somehow given the state of education funding in NSW I don’t think this kind of performance assessment is feasible with NSW’s 58000 public school teachers and however many systemic and independent teachers. The article did state this method was being used to help identify and improve teachers in Denver – some more info about how it is being implemented and used would be interesting.

Well that reading and reflection just clocked me an hour of PD – 39 hours to go.

Read and comment and you can log it too. Here are the standards!

6.2.6- Participate constructively in formal and informal professional discussions with colleagues.

6.2.7 Demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional learning by exploring educational ideas, issues and research. 

Happy Holidays

-Mrs M